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Raising Capital Shouldn't Raise Your Blood Pressure

You've got enough to do running your company (we should know, we've run several ourselves). Let us help you raise the capital so you can focus on the business of running your business.

We are capital raising advisors for entrepreneurs in all stages of their business' development. Whether you are an early stage technology venture in search of Series A funding, a mature manufacturing concern in need of mezzanine funding, a real estate developer preparing to begin a project or a seasoned CEO ready to monetize some of your hard-earned equity, Amplify can help you achieve your goals. We provide the industry-specific resources and relationships to access institutional funding sources.

We Help Innovation Thrive

If your business is just powering up or ready to step on the gas, we can help you increase the value of your enterprise. Our clients embrace innovation as a cornerstone of their business. They are unconventional thinkers, leaders in their field. They have an unstoppable will to win and are driven to rewrite the rules for business success.

So are we.

Business leaders call on Amplify to help them evolve their business. Here are some examples:

  • Growth capital — enter new markets, expand product offerings, create new channels of distribution
  • Acquisition capital — industry consolidations, vertical integration, buying market share
  • Management buyouts — allowing early investors to monetize their equity while giving management more meaningful ownership participation
  • Selling your company — M&A transactions where current shareholders sell controlling interest either to strategic investors (i.e. customers, vendors, partners) or to private equity investors
  • Real estate development — Debt and equity transactions for developments and dispositions of all asset classes

If that describes you and your company, we invite you to contact us to determine if we can be of help.

Connect with Amplify

If you own a company and need funding to grow it, perhaps we can help.

If you are an investor who would like to connect to promising enterprises, let us introduce you.