ACP: Business Owners

Navigating Funding Options Isn't Easy. Let Us Help.

Once you've decided to raise capital to grow your business, it can get pretty complicated pretty quickly. Questions often outnumber answers:

  • How should you structure the transaction to maximize the cash raised while minimizing the equity you give up?
  • How do you structure debt to avoid crippling covenants?
  • How do you make sure that the investor's goals are aligned with yours?
  • How do you fund your merger and acquisition growth strategy?
  • How will this financial transaction prepare me for an exit down the road?

And sometimes, it is even a more basic set of questions:

  • How much money should I raise and how much of the company will I have to give up?
  • How do I get my Board to go along with my plans?
  • Based on the current market conditions, would I be better off growing the business or selling it?
  • How do I get all of this done when I still have a business to run?

Hey, we understand. We've been there too. That's why we started Amplify Capital Partners. We know where you're coming from. And we have the answers.

When it comes to funding your business or selling it, we can help you get it done. We will patiently explain all of your options. We will guide you in structuring the deal to achieve your goals. We will introduce you to investors who share your vision. We will help you negotiate a fair transaction. Then we will work with the investor to get it closed as quickly as possible.

We are here when you are ready to get started.

Ready to cash out?

You've worked hard growing your business and are now ready to implement your exit strategy. Amplify can help you find a strategic partner, a buyout candidate or even growth funding to get your valuation higher prior to selling.

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